September 14, 2006


Thank you for all your assistance and guidance during the building of our house at Apple Valley. We feel that you and Terry helped make the process as efficient as possible when trying to coordinate our two time zones.

In addition, many thanks for arranging the construction of the kitchen cabinets in the stain that Neila had her heart set on. From what I hear they turned our great based on the two boxes Irene and Neila opened. Enclosed is a check for the full amount of the cabinets.

Again, thanks for your guidance and patience.

Terry L. Bohn

PS: Terry, a special Thank You goes out to you for all your calls/faxes/E-mails to our daughter Irene to keep us informed and coordinate Danny’s needs with our schedule.


November 22, 2013

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing this letter regarding my experiences with Stephen’s Construction. I met and contracted Dan Stephens to build our house at 745 King Beach Drive. It was a house I had seen in Columbus and wanted to duplicate. I had no plans, just pictures and measurements. I had talked to several builders before Dan but none would touch it without plans. He was confident and had no problem with what I had to build my dream house. It was perfect. Well until a crack appeared in our 18′ tall entry. I contacted Mr. Stephens which was over a year since we moved in. I assumed he would patch and repaint. He went above and beyond by tearing out the wall, reinforcing it and made it better than new. This house was a 3300 square foot house with many difficult angles. When my husband had his first heart attack we decided to move to a smaller home. We were so pleased with what Dan had done with our first house so we called him and again drew up a contract for him to build another custom house for us located at 425 Northridge Hts. Dr.. Again, we couldn’t have been more pleased at the results. I am not easily pleased and somewhat difficult to work with but he never let that affect our relationship and strived to make my home what I had envisioned.

I have recommended  Dan Stephens to my brother and sister-in-law and several friends. All went with Dan and all were as pleased as we were. My brothers house at 568 Highland Hills Dr. is stunning. He and his wife have loved their home and still reside there today.

I am now living in Florida and welcome any calls regarding his work. I can’t say enough about his honesty, dedication to pleasing, and quality of his work.

Betty Lawhorn Swetland


808 53rd Ave. E. #302

Bradenton, FL 43203



Thank you for doing such a great job with our bathroom remodel. We really appreciate your expertise in getting it done. I know it was a small job for you, so we appreciate you squeezing us in. When we go to remodel our next bathroom we will be sure to call you after we purchase all the material. It will probably be between Dec-Feb. Hopefully that is a slow time for you.


Carlotta and Patrick Franks





Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the extension on rent this month. You won’t have to worry about the inconvenience again. This has been a hard month but with kindness like you’ve showed has helped us a lot. So thanks again an hope you have a nice day.


Ashton E Family


To Whom it May Concern,

I bought a home that Danny Stephens built in 2000. The careful quality work and craftsmanship is the reason I chose this home. As a close neighbor Danny is a kind and caring individual who is always willing to help. I recently hired Danny to reconstruct a retaining wall, again the cost and workmanship was as good and fair as I could find and believe me I checked!



Dear Danny,

We are enclosing a check for a portion of the balance remaining. We will send the remaining $600.00 once work is completed as discussed on Saturday.

We are very pleased with the house and the whole process. Thank you very much for making the process simple and rewarding for us.


Melissa & Dave King


To Danny, Terri, and all the boys!


Hope that Santa was good to all of you.

Thank you again for building us such a wonderful place to make a lot of family memories. We love our lake house (kids say I can’t call it a cottage), it is soooo beautiful.

See you in the spring!

Gene, Sharon, and family…


Thanks Dan, We Love the room!

Judy & John



November 4, 2004

Re: Dan Stephens Construction

Stephens Construction has built not one, but two houses for my husband and me.

When consulting local residents in our Apple Valley community the word that most popped up was “honest”  when the name “Dan Stephens” came up. After building we found his honesty was only surpassed by his willingness to please.

Both our houses were completed in less than five and half months each. This is a major plus that saves thousands of dollars for his clients.

While a lot of builders’ houses finished product looked polished and put together, it’s the extras Mr. Stephens puts in that you CAN’T see that’s so impressive. I’ve watched other houses in the building process and noted first hand their use of lesser quality subfloors, floor joists, ect.

I have recommended Dan to my brother and two sets of dear friends. They went with him and are as pleased as I am with the finished product.


Betty Lawhorn



Hello! My name is Lynn. My husband Jack & I moved into our new home last December. It was a dream come true! When we decided to build a home, our main concern was to find a good contractor.

Someone who would do a good job and do things the way we wanted it done. We checked around and heard about Danny Stephens. So we met with Danny and talked over our plans.

Danny was very nice to work with, he’d done everything he said he would do. He answered our questions and made any changes we wanted made. If in the future we would decide to build another home, Danny would be our contractor. We highly recommend Danny Stephens to anyone who plans to build a home, and wants it done right. We “love our new home” and appreciate the great job Danny did. “THANKS DANNY”

Jack & Lynn


To Whom it May Concern;

We are writing this letter of recommendation for Danny Stephen Construction. We have the utmost confidence in his work as a contractor.

As our home was being built and when finished, we have had three experienced carpenters look at it. They gave nothing but praise for a job well done.

We feel Danny Stephens is a fair and just business man.

Anyone deciding to contract a home with Stephens Construction will receive a well built home.


Dan & Sherry Gatton